David Saias
David has been involved in photography and preserving memories all his life. He has been our “family’s archivist” since High School. His passion grew out of his love of chronicling family and friend’s celebrations and events. His knowledge of technology comes from over 20+ years in growing and managing tech/software businesses. David has experience with each storage medium ranging from negatives, film, floppy discs, DVD’s to now cloud storage.     
“I have been sharing stories through photography and video my entire life. It gives me great pleasure and joy to bring my expertise and knowledge to my clients. My love of images and storytelling has been a constant force in both my professional and personal life.” David and Sharon’s two daughters have inherited David’s love of storytelling—both are photographers and videographers.

Sharon Saias
Drawing on her corporate background of over 20+ years, Sharon has been project managing and organizing all her life! As a marketer, Sharon has helped clients and brands find their voice and tell their stories in authentic and meaningful ways.


“I love seeing the joy in our client’s eyes, when we complete a project and they now have all their images preserved and at their “fingertips”. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we have helped create memories that can now be shared with family and friends ---for generations to come.”

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About Sayess Photo Organizers
Experts in
helping you organize and preserve your photo collection in any media. 

Regardless of your family’s size, how many photos you have, or what your goals are, the reasons to hire a photo organizer ultimately offer one huge benefit – more time to spend with family, and thus more time to create memories.

Each project begins with an on-site (2 to 3 hour) consultation to discuss the project and develop an estimate. Every client is unique. This consultation allows us to tailor a plan for you ---depending on your needs, timing and budget. 

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